THE most successful music-sampling platform in Austria

The Music Promotion Network (MPN) in Detail

The Music Promotion Network (MPN) is a pool for new releases of the music industry. Every major company and many independent labels sample their new releases through MPN. From the time the sampling period starts media partners of the Austrian music industry will not only get the release date, cover and track listing of a new release but also every title in full length to listen to or even download. Radio stations have access to ready for broadcast music pieces (wav format) in full CD quality, which can be directly sent to the music archives of the station. Editors and media partners have access to information about the artists, new releases on the music market, biographies, photos and sound files. Moreover, all titles can be administered in a playlist, discussed online via an editors pool with other editors of a station in a “virtual editors conference” and ordered online.

Promotional data, such as releases, cover, sample streams, and biography are made available to the editor and media partner via Internet during the sample period. Search function and filters offer clear editing and selection of all titles and make day-to-day use easy. Direct contact to the respective contacts within the industry is possible via email.

After registration, the ready for broadcast music data are converted into a loss-free audio compression format (FLAC). Requested titles by radio stations can be sent encoded directly via internet to a SFTP server (Secure File Transfer Protocol) provided by the client. A music file of approx. 3½ min length has the size of approx. 25 MB in compressed format.

Alternatively access to MP3 download for the industry may be authorized.

Delivery via the Music Promotion Network offers significant time and cost advantage for participating labels with an increasing number of copy protected CDs.

Access to the promotion data is via hardware and password protected login. PhonoNet assumes administration and supervision of the access control measures. Provision is highly encoded and happens only to IP addresses and is preset in the system hence abuse is eliminated.

Interested media partner can register under, use is at no cost for the media. Interested labels can find further information, contract conditions and the price list for MPN further up, below the video in the middle column.

If you are interested, please send this signed to us via email or fax.